Welcome to Alpaca Flevoland

We had our first encounter with alpaca's in August 2010 and we fell in love from the start with their appearance and beautiful build.
We named our farm after the region we live in; Flevoland.
We started out with two females and one stud. Our alpacafarm flourished and at present day we have over 30 alpaca's.
In the past years we have met other alpaca farm owners who showed us the way and gave great advice about breeding alpacas. We are thankful for that!
We enjoy our life at the alpaca farm every day and are happy to share this with you. Please take a look around at our website.
You are welcome to contact us for any advice and information.

Jan en Jelly Dingemans

Jan & Jelly Dingemans<br/>call us: 0031 527262375

Jan en Jelly Dingemans
IJzerpad 16
8313 PL Rutten

Tel: 0527-26 23 75